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Discover Your Perfect Long Layered Style with Step Bone Cut

Reset everything, restore balance, and discover your perfect style with Step Bone Cut!

In today’s post, I will walk you through how our Step Bone Cut technique will help you and your stylist craft your ideal style with long flowing layers.

Firstly, what is Step Bone Cut?

Step Bone Cut (SBC) is a revolutionary Japanese hair-cutting technique designed to naturally create a tailored and customized style for your unique body.

The philosophy behind SBC is for the artist to analyze your unique head shape, face shape, and overall proportions of your body to create a balanced style that is unique and personalized to you.

What is the process of Step Bone Cut?

Before beginning the Step Bone Cut service, your stylist will start with a consultation of your hair. They will observe your hair's natural state to determine how to bring it into balance and restore its health. In addition, your stylist will also check your face and head shape to plan for your hairstyle.

If you’re curious about what hairstyles will look most flattering on you, check out our previous posts on round and oval faces and square and long faces.

After the consultation, your stylist will wash your hair using our Raw Mineral Shampoo to gently cleanse and hydrate the hair. The shampoo will be followed up with a Raw Mineral Treatment which will repair the hair from the inside out.

After applying the treatment, your stylist will apply a Raw Mineral Mist, an intensely hydrating botanical mist that will soften the hair and prepare it for cutting.

Now it is time to cut!

Achieving Your Perfect Long Layered Style

When trying to achieve the perfect style with long beautiful layers, your stylist will cut your hair with the SBCP signature mist form in which the hair is gently held without excessive tension to achieve a natural flowing cut.

The stylist will let gravity take control as they taper the ends of your hair and cut. This approach allows the hair to be cut at a circular angle to create soft, flowing layers.

This will result in an effortless style that is easy to maintain at home without exerting too much effort to style!

When your hair dries, it will look naturally styled and will not need too much manipulation to look polished.

Why should you choose the Step Bone Cut service?

Step Bone Cut is the perfect service for you if you're looking for a cut explicitly tailored to your unique look. It is a calculated technique that will bring your style into balance with your overall body.

The result is a style that will make your face appear slimmer, correct your posture, and create a style that suits your unique beauty perfectly.

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