Warmth creates comfort

•  a comfortable shampoo and scalp treatment.

• The mist and warmth combine to relax you.

Open the pores to clean scalp

• Through moisturizing and heating, pores open to free up keratotic plugs and debris.

• With the minimal burden on the scalp, debris and keratotic plugs are removed for the beautiful scalp.

Penetrates deep into hair for longer-lasting effect

• Opens the cuticle layers so that treatment particles can go deep into the hair.

• Cooling closes the cuticles to keep hair healthy.

Even coloring, minimal fading

• The microscopic mist is sent into the cap,

where it circulates surrounding every hair strand with heat and ensuring an even finish.

• Cooling fixates the acid hair color into the hair for longer-lasting results.

Beautiful ridges in a short time

• Uniform heating gently promotes the softening process throughout the hair.

• Creates beautiful ridges in minimal time

    -30mins Head Spa $40

    -40mins Head Spa with Steam $55

    -50mins Head Spa with Steam, Scalp analysis by micro camera   $75

    -60mins Head Spa &Treatment with Steam Scalp analysis by micro camera  $90

       (with senior stylist add$5~15)


*Scalp analysis by the micro camera is available 50mins~60mins head spa by request. 

*Our Uptown Location currently not available with Steam, may use a head warmer cap instead.

How to maintain your scalp home

  • Anti Hair Loss

  • Anti Dandruff (For Dry hair)

  • Anti Seban (For oily hair)

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e.92st location

e.92st location

e.92st location

e.92st location

e.92st location

e.92st location

e.92st location