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Head Spa is a Japanese scalp revitalization method focusing on detoxification, relieving tension, and stimulating circulation through strategic massage.


We offer several versions of the Head Spa treatment so that you may choose the treatment that best suits your needs.


Our basic service includes a classic Head Spa massage. Our mid-grade package is a more elevated experience that consists of a traditional Head Spa massage with added steam mist and complete scalp analysis through a micro camera.



Benefits of Head Spa?

Think of Head Spa as a facial treatment for your scalp! Incorporating this service into your total salon package offers many benefits to your scalp, mind, and body.

Anti-Hair Loss

If you’re experiencing hair loss, the massage technique used in Head Spa will stimulate the blood flow to the scalp, resulting in faster hair growth. The treatments used throughout the process will also deeply nourish the hair strands resulting in reduced breakage and slower hair fall.


Deeper Cleanse

Through warm water and comforting massage techniques, your stylist can deeply cleanse the scalp by encouraging the scalp’s pores to open to release keratotic plugs, excess sebum, and dandruff.


More Effective Treatment Penetration

The massage and nano steam mist will open the hair’s cuticle layers so treatments can be absorbed more deeply into the hair’s cortex layer. The result is more nourishing and penetrating treatments with prolonged results.

*Steam mist is currently available Downtown location only.



How does Head Spa work?

If you receive the Scalp Analysis service, your stylist will look closely at your scalp using a micro camera. This is very beneficial if you’re looking to increase your hair growth because your stylist will be able to identify any underlying scalp issues and make more accurate treatment recommendations for you. Your stylist will also advise you on preventing future hair loss and scalp issues.


After your analysis, your stylist will begin the Head Spa service by applying a nutrient-rich botanical treatment that will soften the hair shaft and nourish the scalp. A gentle scalp massage relieves tension in the head, neck, and shoulders.


Your stylist will work specific pressure points along the scalp, releasing tension and restoring your body’s natural state of balance. In addition, your stylist will massage your neck and shoulders to improve your circulation, increase your energy, and help you relax.


Following the massage, a soothing conditioning wash will be applied to the hair and scalp to cleanse the hair deeply.

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  -Head Spa (30 Mins): A brief yet revitalizing treatment focusing on scalp cleansing.
-Head Spa (50 Mins): Enhances scalp health and relaxation through deeper cleansing and massage.
-Head Spa with Conditioning Treatment (60 mins): Combines scalp care with a conditioning treatment for hair nourishment.
-Organic Head Spa (75 mins): Utilizes organic products in a luxurious treatment that detoxifies the scalp and rejuvenates the senses.

Additionally, please note that a hair dry will take about 10 to 30 minutes, depending on your preference and the treatment chosen.

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*The price depends on the stylist; please check our booking site.





How to maintain your scalp home

  • Anti Hair Loss

  • Anti Dandruff (For Dry hair)

  • Anti Seban (For oily hair)

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