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Defeat Fall Flakes: Expert Tips to Revitalize and Fortify Your Autumn Hair

Hello to the lively autumn in NYC!

Our hair needs some extra kindness and help during this changing season.

Welcome to Tomoko Shima Hair Salon’s blog, your safe place where beauty and good health come together in a friendly way.

Fall Hair Problems: Dry Scalp, Dandruff, and Losing Hair

The gentle move to cooler weather makes our scalp and hair fight against being dry, continuous dandruff, and possible loss of hair. But, don’t worry! Our special choices are here to softly bring your hair back to being bright and healthy!

First Step to Perfect Hair: Easy Care T Clarity Fluid

Imagine a peaceful flow through your hair with Artego Easy Care T Clarity Fluid.

This calming, before-shampoo treatment, skillfully helps control dandruff and clean the scalp.

It needs only 3-5 minutes to make a balanced, dandruff-free base, ready for more hair care.

Saving Your Hair: Easy Care Rescue Anti Hair-loss Set

Meet the Easy Care Rescue Anti Hair-loss Set, a new friend for your hair.

The Rescue shampoo doesn’t just feed and make your hair's growing cycle longer, but also encourages new, lively growth. Together perfectly with Easy Care T Rescue lotion, it wakes up and feeds from the root to the end, making sure every hair gets refreshing energy.

The Easy Care T Clarity Fluid and Rescue Anti Hair-loss Set together create a caring wrap for your hair, loving each small part and soaking them in luxury care.

Find these hair care treasures at Tomoko Shima Hair Salon, and lift your hair’s fall journey to a place of deep life and wonderful balance, making sure your locks shine their very best.

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