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Long Hair

Vegan Keratin Smoothing

A safe, fume-free smoothing system that offers curl reduction of up to 3 Curl Levels, lasts up to 5 months, and has additional customizations for achieving frizz-free Curly Hair! Free from fumes, our patented “Neuro” fragrance offers an aromatic experience complete with amazing smoothing results!

Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Malina uses only Plant-Based Proteins, Vitamins and Amino Acids in all Malina products. Our products do not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients. Unlike some other smoothing brands, Malina is committed to only using plant-based ingredients. We replace animal-sourced Keratin with plant-based equivalents that work the same way within the hair but ensure our products are Vegan.


Some of our magical ingredients include

​Argan Oil  / Peach Kernel Oil / Boabab / Citrus / Avocado / Mango / Soy Bean/ Wheat Protein  / Hazelnut Oil / Palm Fruit / Chia Seed / Kukui Nut / Macadamia / Rapeseed Oil / Coconut Oil

First-time $25 off
with coupon code: VEGAN25

Valid from

                  Feb 1st 2024 to Mar 30th 2024

                  Sept 1st 2024 to Oct 31th 2024

May not combine with any other offers.

  • Vegan smoothing touch-up (60mins) $280~
  • Vegan smoothing Signature (90mins) $350~
  • Vegan smoothing Basic Plus+ (120mins~) $420and up
  • (Add-on)Pre-shampoo and Dry $30
*Prices depend on service duration and the stylist you choose.

Vegan smoothing touch-up (60mins) $280~
<Good for these clients>
Reduce curl up to 1~2 levels
Return within three months after smoothing/straightening service
Fine and bleached hair, light wavy hair

Vegan smoothing Signature (90mins)$350~
<Good for these clients>
Reduce curl up to 2~3 level
Fine to medium hair or Shoulder length or shorter

Vegan smoothing Plus (120mins)$420 and up
Reduce curl up to 3 level
Medium to Coase hair or Longhair

(Add-on)Pre-shampoo and Dry $45
Smoothing treatment need to be applied on clean& dry hair, better wash within 24hrs before salon visit, and no styling products.
When a client has no time to wash at home, choose this option of pre shampoo&dry.
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