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🎉 Celebrating 18 Glamorous Years with You! 🎉

Every story has its cherished chapters, and you are an integral part of ours. As Tomoko Shima Hair Salon commemorates its 18th year this October, we wish to celebrate not only our legacy but also the thrilling chapters yet to be written.

🌟 Embracing Past & Future:

Dual Destinations, Singular Passion: Whether it's the tranquil ambiance at Uptown E.92nd Street or the contemporary flair of Downtown W.14st, our dedication remains the same: delivering unmatched hair care experiences.

A Pledge of Excellence: Beyond styles and trends, your hair's health stands paramount. Our chosen treatments and products consistently champion this ideal.

🎁 Anniversary Special - Our Gift to You:

In honor of this milestone and as a thank you for being part of our journey, avail an exclusive 18% off on all products, both in-salon

and online, throughout October.

Coupon code: 18yrs

Term: October 1st to October 31st, 2023

Your faith in us fuels our passion, and we're eager for the countless beautiful transformations ahead. Together, let's keep crafting unforgettable memories.

With warmth and gratitude,

The Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Team

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