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What is Step Bone Cut?

Step Bone Cut is a revolutionary hair cutting technique developed in Japan by Sayuri Ushio. 

We are able to create

Endless Styles

Face-Contouring Techniques

Focused Designs

Soft to the touch style

Razor-Free Cut

Hair Style that last longer

Easy to maintain

Long-Lasting and great looking perms

Bring out natural curls


Step Bone Cut Experience

1. Clean

With the SBC cut lotion, hair can be cut very clean. It produces a simple yet fashionable design that doesn’t require much blow drying—that means less damage to your hair.


2. Focus on each head shape

Don’t cut hair for design’s sake. Focus on each unique head shape, finding the best design to make a person beautiful with the proportion and balance of their whole body being considered.


3. Give life to your hair

Use SBC's original hair cut lotion generously. With it, cutting hair almost feels like cutting butter. Listen to your hair. It will respond to your care and direct you where and how much to cut.


4. Cut with gravity

Cut hair with the SBC original form—relaxed, without any need for tension. Let your body go along with gravity, and cut naturally; that way, the hair will be cut at a circular angle. The hair will shine and swing.


5. Meditation cut

Reset everything. Bring your core spirit back to the center of your body. Sixty-four simple and basic steps enable you to complete any design you’d like to create. Listen to the sounds of the scissors. Every step you take will let you feel where you are moving towards. You’ll feel calm and satisfied.

SBCP Raw Mineral Products

SBCP Raw Mineral Products are made of the highest quality organic ingredients. Some of the ingredients include Amber Essence and many other botanical essences.


Main Ingredient: Amber Essence

Amber Essence promotes hair growth by nourishing the hair from the follicles. Amer Essence comes from a fossilized tree resin that can be millions of years old. The natural anion produced by Amber is said to have the power to push away negative things and bring you happiness.

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