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Welcome to Bliss: Organic Head Spa at Tomoko Shima Hair Salon

Dive into a world of relaxation with our Organic Head Spa, a luxurious service at Tomoko Shima Hair Salon designed to rejuvenate your spirit and enhance the health of your hair and scalp. More than just a treatment, this experience is a peaceful escape where natural beauty meets nurturing care.

The Organic Head Spa Experience

Our Treatment lasts 75 minutes and focuses on alleviating aging signs, sensitivities, and dryness. It’s perfect for rejuvenating hardened or aged scalps, especially those recovering from harsh chemical treatments. This nurturing session leaves your hair feeling light, soft, and full of volume while also enhancing your skin's radiance. For the best results, we recommend treating yourself to this spa delight every one to two months, or more frequently if you're looking for gentle, ongoing care.

Your Path to Tranquility

Starting with a Scalp Check: Each session begins with a detailed scalp analysis using a microscope, ensuring the treatment is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

During Treatment: We carefully apply our specially prepared products, incorporating a gentle massage and steam mist for maximum absorption.

Finishing Touches: The treatment concludes with a soothing wash using our Purity Bath and a conditioning session with Raindance conditioner. We lock in the benefits with a Sublime Night application, accompanied by a calming neck and shoulder massage.

Our Curated Products for Your Transformation

  1. Rain Dance Renaissance Purity Bath ($21.99 for 8 oz): A superb choice for your scalp, hair, and skin, this product uses micro-peeling actions to cleanse and renew, stripping away old cells and impurities for a fresh, vibrant finish.

  2. Oxygen Balm (Professional use only): This formula enriches your scalp with essential oxygen, revitalizing your skin and enhancing cell vitality, leaving your scalp wonderfully vibrant.

  3. Balance Elixir ($79.99): Specially formulated to purify and stimulate, this elixir boosts your scalp's oxygen supply and activates it, improving both hair quality and scalp health.

  4. Sublime Night ($25.99): Use this overnight treatment to experience its anti-aging benefits, moisture replenishment, and protective qualities, keeping your scalp, hair, and skin in pristine condition.

Join us for this serene journey at Tomoko Shima Hair Salon and let us pamper you into a state of ultimate relaxation and renewal. Rediscover your best self with our Organic Head Spa!

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