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Under the Sun: Essential Hair Care Strategies for NYC Summers

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

As NYC dwellers, we're no strangers to the sun's harsh rays and their effects on our hair. Today, we're looking beyond our hair care tips to explore everyday strategies for UV protection. From fashionable sun hats to smart swimming habits, we're blending style and substance to keep your tresses healthy and vibrant.

Ready to transform your hair care routine? Let's dive in. Here's to sun-safe hair days ahead!

Don't Skimp on the Sun Hats

One of the easiest and most fashionable ways to protect your hair from the sun is by wearing a hat. Sun hats with wide brims are especially effective as they cover your scalp, hair, and also provide shade for your face and neck.

Don't worry about hat hair - there are plenty of trendy and stylish options out there to match any outfit!

Loose Updos are a Lifesaver

As a hairstylist, I'd recommend opting for loose updos during the summer months. They cover most of your hair, reducing exposure to harmful rays. But remember to keep them loose! Tight hairstyles can cause 'traction alopecia,' a hair loss condition caused by tension on the hair shafts.

Swim Smart

For those beach or pool days, wet your hair with fresh water before diving in. This can help minimize the absorption of chlorinated or salt water, which can further dry out your hair and enhance the effects of UV damage. Using a leave-in conditioner before swimming can also provide a protective layer.

Minimize Heat Styling

In the summer, your hair is already exposed to a significant amount of heat from the sun. Try to minimize additional heat exposure from styling tools like straighteners, curlers, or hair dryers. Embrace your natural hair texture! There are tons of no-heat styling options that can help you look your best without additional heat damage.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Right

This might seem odd on a hair care list, but your hair health starts from the inside. Staying hydrated and having a balanced diet rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and antioxidants can help keep your hair (and skin!) healthy and glowing. Foods like fish, avocados, nuts, and seeds are your friends.

Frequent Trims

Regular trims can help get rid of split ends, which can be exacerbated by sun exposure. Frequent trims can keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Remember, protecting your hair from the sun isn't just about the right products (although Artego Rain Dance Replenishing Cream and Tomoko Shima Original 100% Organic Argan Oil are superb places to start). It's also about creating habits that prioritize your hair's health. Happy sun-safe hair days to you!

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