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How to choose a hairstyle when you're getting a haircut

Hi everyone!

How do you choose a hairstyle when you’re getting a haircut?

Do you bring celebrity’s hairstyle photos searched by google?

Or ask the stylist up to them?

If you have a long relationship with your stylist, you have nothing to prepare for your appointment.

But if you go to a new hair salon or new stylist, you should bring photos that you like.

The photo you may choose from a celebrity magazine or search google for keywords such as “long layered” “medium bob” and “trendy short hair cuts ”

You will see tons of images.

How can you choose only one or two from these images?!

You should add keywords for your face shape on the google search.

For example,

“long layered haircuts for round face shape”

“medium bob haircuts for square face shape”

“trendy short hair cuts for long face shape”

You can find perfect hairstyle matches for you.

The best hair stylists know to face contouring techniques for each haircut.

Ask your stylist what the best hairstyle is for you.

Here is a great hairstyle tip by face shapes. Please check my next post!

  • Long Face Shapes

  • Square Face shapes

  • Round Face Shapes

  • Oval Face Shapes

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