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Get Touchable Hair with Artégo's TOUCH Collection

Artégo's TOUCH collection is an assortment of haircare and styling products inspired by one of the most engaging human senses: touch. This line is designed specifically to enhance the texture of hair and create beautiful fluffy volume for touchable soft hair.

The TOUCH Collection consists of two smaller collections: Care & Protection Line and Beauty Enhancer Line.

Today we will discuss the top three products our stylists recommend from Artégo's TOUCH Care & Protection Line!

Artégo's TOUCH Care & Protection SEA STYLE

Artégo's Sea Style is the perfect addition to your styling arsenal if you love the natural volume and waves you get when you go to the beach.

This great spray is formulated with Provence salt crystals. The salt will texturize the hair, creating beautiful volume and waves without the frizz. While it's perfect for individuals with wavy and curly hair, straighter hair types can also use it.

Use it on wet or dry hair to add texture and natural volume. It has a soft hold that won't leave a cast on your hair or create a crunchy feeling.

Artégo’s TOUCH Care & Protection BEAUTY PRIMER

If your hair requires some hydration without feeling weighed down, Artégo's Beauty Primer is perfect for you.

It's a revitalizing cream formulated with Meadowfoam seed oil and Artégo's patented MACROPRO that will deeply hydrate the hair strands and reinforce the strength of the hair's bonds.

It will add thickness and volume to the hair without weighing it down. It also reduces the hair's porosity by sealing the cuticle, making it less susceptible to frizzing up due to humidity exposure.

Beauty Primer is a no-rinse hair care product that you should apply directly to wet hair before styling. It's also perfect to use before cutting the hair as well.

Artégo's TOUCH Care & Protection PURE WAVES

Seal in the beautiful texture and volume you've created with Artégo's Pure Waves!

Pure Waves is unique because it is a no-gas mousse that is environmentally friendly, skin-safe, and formulated with cornstarch. Cornstarch is perfect for defining curls without weighing them down, leaving your hair soft, light, and bouncy.

This mousse is perfect for defining and providing shape to the hair naturally. It will give a ton of volume while amplifying the hair's flexibility and elasticity. It has a decent hold and won't leave your hair with a strong cast or feeling crunchy and dry.

Apply it to damp hair before styling to enhance the hair's texture. You can reapply it after your hair is fully dry to increase the hold, volumize the roots, and further define the waves and curls.

Enjoy Touchable Soft Hair with Artégo's TOUCH Collection

It is possible to get beautiful definition, volume, and thickness without heavy styling products that weigh your hair down!

Artégo's innovative TOUCH Collection will address all your styling needs and help you to obtain the soft, touchable hair you've been dreaming of!

You can purchase Artégo's TOUCH collection at our salon or online shop!


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