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Easy Up do Part 1- Braids half up

Hair Styling should not be difficult in the busy morning!!

Do you want to know 5 mins quick hair styling for any hair type!?

I found a super easy method from popular Japanese Youtuber Ms.Ayana and tried it myself.

First, get a silicone rubber band. But if you do not have one, using a regular rubber band is fine.

<Watch video demonstration on Youtube>

1. First, Separate your hair behind your ears.

If you want to have small hairpieces around your face, please separate them before braiding.

2. Comb it back with your hands.

3. Make braids in this section

Technique tip: Start to braid in reverse in the back.

It's a little challenging to do but important because it makes the braid look cleaner.

4. Temporarily clip it to the top when you're done before moving on.

5. Do the same for the other side.

Separate the hair behind the ears and pull out small hairpieces around your face.

6. Comb it back and braid towards the back

7. After braiding to the ends of the hair, remove the clip and put these braids together

There are now two braids.

8. Bring the braids you made earlier to the back and put them at a center position.

Pull out a small section from underneath and tie the braids together with it. Now you can use a silicone rubber band.

This time, do not tie it too tightly, we will do a tuck-in technique.

9. Separate the hair in half, put the tail into the space, and pull it down.

10. Now, I will loosen the braids to make a trendy look.

When you loosen it, be sure to use your fingertip.

The other hand should be holding the tied-up area in place.

11. If you have an extra mirror, you can see the style in the back and control it better.

12. Pick a few hairpieces on the top of your head like this if you want more volume.

Braids and tuck-in can make an easy feminine hairstyle.

And it looks good on any occasion, any texture of the hair, for any generation.

Please try it!

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