Dear Client,

Almost!!! The date of our re-opening is soon!

In the midst of uncertainty, we look towards a hopeful future.


Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said on Friday that New York City would begin Phase One
re-opening June 8, 2020

Hair Salon business re-opening is Phase Two, we estimate salons will be able to reopen starting June 22.

When the salon re-opens, we will contact you for bookings. If you would like to and have not already done so, you may fill out an appointment request form:


In the meantime, here are a few things we would like to inform you of.

When we re-open, there may be changes to our business hours, stylist schedules, & services.


For the moment we will also hold off on accepting appointments for Japanese straightening and smoothing treatments until further notice.


If you are interested, we are offering a
"Self Smoothing" product that you may learn to apply yourself with a Zoom online tutorial.


If you purchase the product we will ship it to you.

Our new concept, going forward is Safety and Beauty!
As always, we appreciate your ongoing support!!

Tomoko and TS Hair Salon Staffs


Online booking is currently not available. When we re-open the salon, our stylist will contact you from Request lists.
Online Store is

As of March 16, 2020 due to COVID-19, Tomoko Shima Hair Salon had to temporarily close both Uptown and Downtown locations.

In the meantime, we still have not received any support from the government. 

All of your donations, as little as $5, are deeply appreciated. They give us hope, a sense of a positive future. 

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon first opened in 2005 on the Upper East Side. Tomoko established the salon by herself and a few months later, new stylists joined, growing her team. 
 The business grew little by little, and in 2011, Tomoko expanded the salon by opening a second location in Chelsea.
  Like many small businesses, we had our share of growing pains, facing many difficulties to keep the salon operating; however, we never gave up! Then COVID-19 brought unexpected and devastating damage to our community and our business.

Our staff all have warm hearts, share great teamwork, great communication and we are worried about each other, especially while the salon is locked down. We eagerly await the day when we can work for our cherished clients and with the same team again.

We are trying to survive this catastrophic event and hope to see all staff members and clients when we re-open.

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon Team

トモコ シマ サロンは両店舗共に3月16日よりコロナウイルスによって営業を停止いたしました。



 トモコ シマ サロンは2005年にNYのアッパーイーストでオーナースタイリスト一人で始めました。それから数カ月後スタッフが加わり、少しづつ増えて2011にはチェルシーに2店舗目をオープンしました。

トモコ シマのスタッフは皆支え合い、励まし合ってこの状況を乗り越えようとしています。そしてこのチームでまたお客様に再開できる日を心待ちにしています。

トモコ シマ ヘアサロン スタッフ一同

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e.92st location

e.92st location

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e.92st location

Tomoko Shima Hair Salon

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