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After Care tips for Vegan Keratin Smoothing

If you had or are planning to have Keratin smoothing this Season, I want to share my experience of last year with you, things that are better to know after smoothing is done.

Last summer of 2021, I did my first Vegan Keratin Smoothing on my hair, then right after that, I went on vacation to Florida. I forgot to bring my salon’s shampoo on the vacation.

when I came back to NY…….

Vegan Keratin Smoothing /Part# 2 After Care Tips

“I just came back from a 7 day beach vacation. After I swam in the pool several times, my smoothing faded 50%...still straighter than before, but the shine went away a little.

I am wondering if salt water and pool chemicals fade this smoothing.

So I asked the company of Malina Vegan Smoothing about after-care tips.”

Tip #1,

Use sulfate-free and paraben-free products. The Malina mineral shampoo and Artego Raindance shampoo fit that bill.

The Malina Classic Mineral Shampoo is a 100% Vegan, gentle daily shampoo for all hair types looking for maintenance and de-frizzing benefits.

The Malina Classic Mineral Conditioner makes your hair softer and stronger with each use.


Malina mineral mask(once a week /deep treatment) extends the life of the treatment.

The Mask is 100% Vegan, enriched with plant-based ingredients such as Shea butter, Argan oil, and Acai to deliver powerful humectants, vitamins, and antioxidants deep into the shaft, leaving hair healthy and strong, and silky to touch. Tourmaline powder helps smooth and seal the cuticle, banishing static and imparting amazing shine.

This mask can also be used after Keratin Treatments and other Brazilian smoothing treatments to keep frizz away and help your treatment last longer!


Malina hair protector before swimming in the ocean or pool. Sun and water will open the cuticle so that treatment will fade out faster.

However, use the Hair protector before swimming to prevent that from happening! Preferably apply to damp hair, but it's okay to apply to dry hair.

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