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Tomoko Shima

Stylist /Colorist 

Thurs 8:45AM-4:30PM​
Sunday 9AM-4PM

2 Saturdays per month
Since 1996 Tomoko Shima has been cutting and styling hair in Japan after pursuing Cosmetology and Make-up in Tokyo and Osaka since 1995, experienced in NY since 2000.
She is certificated Step Bone Cut Master Stylist 

Tomoko with a skillful understanding and delicate technique in styling and hair management has been getting a good reputation and confidence from a wide range of clients, not only Asian and American but also other nationalities.

As for cutting, Tomoko creates an elegant layer style, a spiky casual short, and a complete blunt style by mainly using the dry-cut technique. She also offers consultation services and aftercare advice tailored to each client's lifestyle.

As for coloring, she provides a wide range of colors by complementing undertone color, which is different depending on the hair condition and ethnicity. Her highly skilled technique for highlighting expands the choice of design and enables the stereoscopic hairstyle. She is also quite skilled at coloring by introducing the seasonal color trend.

As for Japanese Straightening, which is popular in the United States, Tomoko has cultivated her skill for more than 15 years. Her straightening technique which requires expert knowledge and skill is trusted by her various clients, as well as Milbon, Inc. which created Liscio Straightening. She also emphasizes treatment for keeping the beautiful straight hair for long.


As for wedding hair and make-up, Tomoko has worked on a lot of brides and got a favorable reputation for her feminine style. As for shooting, she has created a wide range of styles from feminine to active.

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