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Tomoko Shima

Stylist /Colorist 

Tue 8AM-4PM
Thurs 8:30AM-4PM​
Sun 8AM-4PM

Sat 10:15AM-5PM

Tomoko Shima, a hairstylist since 1996, has been crafting exceptional haircuts and styles in Japan and New York. She studied Cosmetology and Make-up in Tokyo and Osaka before relocating to New York in 2000, where she continued to refine her skills and develop innovative techniques.

As a certified Step Bone Cut Master Stylist, Tomoko specializes in a revolutionary Japanese hair cutting method that tailors the face and head shape to each client's unique needs. Her expertise and delicate approach have garnered a stellar reputation and loyal clientele from diverse cultural backgrounds worldwide.

Focusing on the Step Bone Cut and dry-cut techniques, Tomoko crafts a variety of looks, from elegant layers to spiky casual shorts and sleek blunt cuts. She provides personalized consultations and aftercare advice, empowering clients to maintain their stunning hairstyles effortlessly.

Tomoko's coloring proficiency is equally remarkable. She offers an extensive palette of colors by complementing undertones, which vary based on hair condition and origin. Her superb highlighting techniques broaden design options and facilitate the creation of multidimensional hairstyles. Staying current with seasonal color trends, Tomoko ensures clients enjoy fresh, modern looks.

Committed to delivering exceptional hair artistry tailored to each client's distinct style and lifestyle, Tomoko Shima's visionary approach to hair care and styling is truly transformative. Experience the impact of her expertise by booking a session with her today.

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