Had a wash, haircut and dry with Tomoko, the owner. She gave me exactly what I asked for. It's a good quality cut because Tomoko takes her time with every step of the cut. She is careful and gentle. A very good experience.


I love Tomoko Shima Hair Salon! Her two salons are hidden gems. I get my hair done there frequently. Tomoko is awesome--as is everyone there. They are all wonderful (Tiffany, Grace, Masako--I hope I am not forgetting anyone).

The thing that makes Tomoko and her girls different are there is such care, and attention to detail, plus the lovely personalities of everyone who works there. 

Tomoko is really an artist, not just a hairdresser. When she has a trainee, that's what she teaches them, too.

She is always willing to try new things if that is what you want. And she adjusts to whatever your hair is doing that day, to make sure things come out great.  So you feel like you got the best work you could get for your hair that day. it's not just a factory. 

They also try to be as accommodating as is possible with the scheduling.

The fact that there are two locations is especially convenient. And the price is always right!

I cannot recommend Tomoko Shima Salons highly enough. These are really lovely, people who are artists.

They really care about what they do and about making sure you are happy with your hair.

 Love my new cut!

 Lisa is really nice and I really appreciated her explaining techniques to keep my hair looking nice after the cut. 

 I was looking for a salon where I could get a good cut that wasn't either cheap & mediocre or overpriced and snobby. I'm a low maintenance girl with wavy/curly/unmanageable hair and my previous stylist was sloppy.

   I found this place and have been getting my hair cut by Lisa for about 2 years and she is just the best!

She is so kind, attentive, and super meticulous in her work. She has cut my hair in 2 different styles, and every time it comes out soft, manageable, beautiful and cut just how I wanted. I am very nearsighted and of course have to take my glasses off while having my hair cut which leaves me blind, so it's been great having a stylist I could totally trust.

    I'm moving away soon and I will miss her - thank you, Lisa!

 Masako is supremely talented from start to finish.  I have been uptown, downtown in search of a great hair stylist and colorist.  Masako cut my hair exactly how I wanted it.  My hair is very thick and frizzy.  She cut it so it looks lighter and frames my face much better.  She has colored my hair too and it came out better than it has ever looked.  Masako takes her time to do a good job.  She never makes you feel like she is in a rush. She also gives you the best washing and head massage. She is truly a professional.  I am so glad I found her.

Masako! My girl! She gave me a haircut that I love, and her personality could warm the coldest room. So happy to have met her. She did a great cut and deep conditioning- so shiny that people have stopped me to ask how I got my hair so shiny. Hi! I'm So happy!!!! What a truly humble, professional, and spectacular salon!

I really like this little salon, mostly because I think Grace is awesome, so nice and skilled. It was really easy to book an appointment online on their website, with the stylist you want, and I think their prices are very reasonable. The salon is small and slightly underground, but clean and comfortable. 

 Was not so sure about rainy day haircut but I am happy that I found this place in Chelsea and amazing Grace! I had a pretty specific haircut I wanted and she really took a time to communicate with me throughout the cutting process and it turned out the way I wanted. Thank you, Grace, I would def come back.

Clean salon and the staff was so kind. I appreciated the fact that I was able to get in a little earlier, and Mimi did a wonderful job.

Mimi was great, I love the color and cut.

Mimi's haircut was awesome today! Thank you! I will definitely go back to her next time :-)

Brosia has amazing hands! The head spa treatment was amazing. I left feeling completely relaxed and refreshed.

We LOVED your salon! Excellent service, products and styling! Thank you ❤️

I had Masaki today during a walk in. My hair is waist length and to be honest I don't tame it very well.

 It has been 2 years since my last haircut because I'm very stingy with my length and I don't trust people with it.

 However, he was so patient and gentle with my hair and I'm so happy with the outcome :)

 My most pleasant experience with any service and I will be back again!!

 Thank you so much, Masaki, I love my hair!!! He knew exactly what I wanted without me saying much!!

Tommy was great! I love my haircut!!


my hair after is not only a classy color job my hair is also soft & healthy because they use great hair products I love the results! Thanks, Tomoko and Tiffany ❤️❤️

Tiffany was amazing! She did exactly what I asked with my highlights and they look great.

Junior Stylist


Tiffany gave me honestly the best haircut I've ever had, for a really great price given how pricey NY cuts can run. Would recommend anyone go to her.

Red Lips

I arrived at the salon and from the moment I entered, Tomoko knew who I was and she was so sweet and genuine. Both Lovely and Tomoko were very humble and they provided great customer service. 

Junior Stylist


All of the stylists at this location were welcoming, sweet, and professional. The place was nice and quiet. Great smelling natural products were used during shampooing and conditioning and Lovely was very gentle and even gave me an amazing mini scalp massage that was so relaxing I almost fell asleep! I soon set up a balayage appointment for the following weekend. I have felt very pampered here and look forward to my visits! Thank you!

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Tomoko Shima Hair Salon

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