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Enhance Your Hair Style with Artégo's TOUCH Collection

Our most engaging and powerful sense is the touch. The power and sensuality of touch are what inspired Artégo's TOUCH collection. This wonderful collection is an assortment of haircare and styling products designed specifically to enhance the texture of hair and create beautiful fluffy volume for touchable soft hair.

The TOUCH Collection consists of two smaller collections: Care & Protection Line and Beauty Enhancer Line. Check out our top Care & Protection recommendations here.

Today we will discuss the top four products our stylists recommend from Artégo's TOUCH Beauty Enhancer Line!

Artégo's TOUCH Beauty Enhancer BE MATT

Get creative with geometric styling and ultra-definition with Artégo's Be Matt!

This excellent hair wax will allow you to achieve any style with a superb matt finish and a medium to firm hold! It’s enriched with Brazilian clay that will give your hair excellent texture and volume while remineralizing and strengthening the hair shaft!

Take a small amount of the wax into the palm of your hand. Make sure to rub it between your palms to warm it up before gently raking it through the hair. It can be used on damp hair or styled hair for additional hold.

Artégo’s TOUCH Beauty Enhancer CONTROL FREAK

Is frizz wreaking havoc on your style? Take control and add beautiful body and structure with Artégo’s Control Freak!

This fantastic gel is formulated with vegetable glycerin, a powerful humectant that will give parched, frizzy strands a shot of hydration. It has a very fluid texture that’s easy to spread and will provide a flexible hold that can easily be remolded later.

It’s perfect for smoothing out frizzy hair and will provide extra body and shape.

Apply one to two dime-sized amounts of Control Freak to wet hair or apply to dry and styled hair for extra definition.

Artégo's TOUCH Beauty Enhancer ROCK ME

Need a hydrating gel with a stronger hold? Artégo's Rock Me will give you the maximum control!

Rock Me has a strong hold that will allow you to mold the hair any way you desire. Like Control Freak, it is also a fluid gel enriched with vegetable glycerin to provide moisture and shine. It also has green coffee, a natural antioxidant, that will stimulate the hair follicles for a thickening of the hair over time.

This gel is perfect for sealing in intricately sculpted styles. Apply to wet hair to begin the molding and sculpting process. Or apply it to dry and styled hair for extreme fixation!

Artégo's TOUCH Beauty Enhancer TOUCH UP & DOWN

Need a hairspray that’s a breeze to reapply and easy to brush out quickly? Artégo’s Up & Down is the perfect hairspray for you.

This innovative spray has a medium-strength hold that is highly flexible. It’s enriched with Artégo’s patented MACROPRO active principle to hydrate, protect, and elasticize the hair shaft for the ultimate styling.

It provides the hair with a beautiful fullness and adds texture without weighing the hair down. After the initial application, the hair can still be re-shaped without worrying about a stiff hold or residue build-up.

Want to soften your look? Brush through your hair to easily loosen Up & Down’s hold.

Enhance Your Hair Style with Artégo's TOUCH Collection

It is possible to get beautiful definition, volume, and thickness without heavy styling products that weigh your hair down!

Artégo's innovative TOUCH Collection will address all your styling needs and help you to obtain the soft, touchable hair you've been dreaming of!

You can purchase Artégo's TOUCH collection at our salon or online shop!

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