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Color Your Way with Artègo!

It’s finally 2023, and it’s the perfect time to ring in the new year with fresh new hair color!

Artègo has developed some of the most innovative hair color products on the market. There are many formulas and colors to choose from to unlock endless color possibilities.

Today, we will take a deep dive into Artègo’s different coloring systems, their benefits, and which may be the best for you!

Artègo It’s Colorーpermnent color

Have you found your signature shade that you’re planning to stick to for a long time? Then, Artègo’s It’s Color is a perfect match for you.

It’s Color is Artègo’s premium hair color line and is beloved by clients and stylists alike! This cream-based permanent hair color system provides consistent and reliable results in every coloring session. It has an intense color payoff and provides total coverage with vivid results and dimensions. In addition, it gives brilliant shine, is fade-resistant, and provides 100% gray hair coverage.

It’s Color’s extensive range includes 111 shades that can be mixed to create your perfect custom color. It also contains five cream-based peroxide developers, with volumes ranging from 0 to 40. These developers are fast-acting, will not swell, and has a pleasant scent.

If you want to rejuvenate your signature color with no fuss or surprises, It’s Color is the perfect option.

Artègo Your Magic-pigment

Do you love to switch up your hair color often? Then, color your way with Artègo’s Your Magic hair color line!

The magic of this line lies in its ability to mix and match pigments to create a truly unique color!

It’s a cream-based hair color line that is semi-permanent. It’s not designed to lift – it simply deposits pigment into the hair. Therefore, it works best on hair that has been previously bleached or if you’re looking to deposit additional color into the hair.

The collection consists of intense pigments and essential direct color shades that open up a world of customization and fun!

The intense pigments consist mainly of primary colors such as blue, yellow, violet, gold, and copper, which are ultra-concentrated. They can be used alone, mixed with Your Magic essential direct colors, conditioners, hair masks, or any other oxidative color system to unlock endless color customization.

The essential direct colors consist of more traditional shades such as red-brown, dark blonde, and platinum and fun, fashion-forward shades such as lilac, dove grey, nude, and peach. It can easily be used alone or mixed with conditioner.

The line is made of 99% natural ingredients and is ammonia, silicon, alcohol, and paraben-free. The formula is enriched with nourishing ingredients making it gentle on the scalp and hydrating to the hair shaft. It consistently produces bright, vibrant colors. It’s concentrated enough to conceal hard-to-color grays and is perfect for color correcting and toning the hair.

If you love to experiment and play with color regularly, Artègo’s Your Magic is for you!

Artègo You|UP2-semi&demi permanent

Want to play with color with little commitment? Artègo’s You|UP2 line is a semi-permanent hair color system that temporarily deposits pigment into the hair. While similar to the Your Magic line, it offers more staying power without permanence.

What’s unique about this semi-permanent hair coloring system is that it can be mixed with the correlating Energizer developer to lift the hair to one level. In addition, the dye is powerful enough to color stubborn grays and will provide rich, long-lasting color.

The formula is ammonia-free and enriched with Artègo’s patented BioCosmetic Mix, which consists of five natural oils. This will protect the integrity of the hair’s structure, add softness, increase elasticity, and seal the hair cuticle to protect your color.

If you’re looking to play with color without a long-term commitment, You|UP2 is the perfect option.

Artègo Lola Color Mask-deep conditioning mask

Need a color refresh? Not to worry – Artègo’s Lola Color Mask system will simplify your maintenance routine.

The Lola Color Mask system is a tone-on-tone semi-permanent color mask that makes it quick and easy to boost, refresh, and color-correct your current color! It’s not designed to lift the hair and will deposit pigment into the hair strands.

The line consists of 8 different coloring masks, each designed to enhance and correct your hair based on the tone.

It’s easy, simple, and quick to use. Apply the mask to washed, towel-dried hair and let it develop for three to ten minutes. Rinse it out, style it, and enjoy soft hair with amplified color!

Color Your Way With Artègo!

Artègo makes some of the most innovative hair coloring systems on the market! So if you want to switch up your look, it’s perfect for you.

We offer It’s Color, Your Magic, You|UP2, and Lola Color Mask at our Tomoko Shima salon locations! So book your appointment today, and let’s create a custom color for you.

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