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During the 16 years of his career as a skilled hair stylist and salon owner in Japan, York was also an active instructor to teach other hairstylists.  

 One of his unique methods is thinning hair without using thinning scissors. Having had established his career as a masterful hairstylist in Japan, York took an opportunity to work in Dubai for two years.   He immediately became popular among the local wealthy clients, actors and fashion models. He also worked with other hairstylists and make-up artists.


 In addition, York was recognized as the one and only Japanese who could create Japanese traditional hairstyles, which require specific skills, for the Kimono shows that was hosted by the Japanese Embassy in Dubai.  


York continued to look for new opportunities as a hairstylist and relocated to the United States. After working as a master hairstylist in San Francisco California, he's just moved to New York recently. 


While his skills as a talented hairstylist can create any types of hairstyles across the board, his specialties include haircut, balayage, and ombre. He holds a Vidal Sassoon diplomat.