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e.92st location

e.92st location


Tomoko Shima
Owner / Stylist  Up&Downtown
Lisa Mac
Stylist  1

Tomoko works Wednesday &Sunday @ UPTOWN / Thursday&Saturday @DOWNTOWN location.

Since 1996 Tomoko Shima has been cutting and styling hair at Japan after pursuing Cosmetology and Make-up in Tokyo and Osaka for 5 years, experienced in NY for 14 years.

Tomoko with a skillful understanding and delicate technique in styling and hair management has been getting a good reputation and confidence from a wide range of clients, not only Asian and American, but also other nationalities.

As for cutting, Tomoko creates an elegant layer style, a spiky casual short and a complete blunt style by mainly using dry-cut technique. She also offers consultation services and aftercare advice tailored to each client's lifestyle.

As for coloring, she provides a wide range of colors by complementing undertone color, which is different depending on the hair condition and ethnicity. Her highly skilled technique for highlighting expands the choice of design and enables the stereoscopic hairstyle. She is also quite skilled at coloring by introducing the seasonal color trend.

As for Japanese Straightening, which is popular in United States, Tomoko has cultivated her skill for more than 10 years. Her straightening technique which requires expert knowledge and skill is trusted by her various clients, as well as Milbon, Inc. which created Liscio Straightening. She also emphasizes on treatment for keeping the beautiful straight hair for long.

As for wedding hair and make-up, Tomoko has worked on a lot of brides and got a favorable reputation for her feminine style. As for shooting, she has created a wide range of styles from feminine to active.

Lisa works Tue,Wed,Fri,Sat @ UPTOWN location.

Lisa joined Tomoko Shima Hair Salon February 2011, where she consistently works to expand on her techniques of chic, punky haircuts and has developed a loyal following. She also has a knowledge of Japanese/ Keratin straightening and up-do for prom or the occasional party.

She was formerly trained at the Louis Licari salon in wet and dry hair cut technique, as well as at Normant Serge at  John Frieda salon in European cut and style techniques, and thermal reconditioning (Japanese straightening). Lisa also worked at Vartali salon perfecting her slicing cut technique and Keratin straightening for last eight years.

Clients feed back  from Yelp.com :

3/10/2013  Dee V.

I got to the salon and Lisa was the lady who was going to get to work on my bangs. She noticed right of the bat that I had a cow lick and she then went on to give me tips on how to blow dry my bangs to minimize the appearance. She also showed me the king of brush I needed and went as far as to tell me where i can get it.

Now on to the actual trim,Lisa did a great job and even spent an extra 10mins blow drying to make sure my bangs looked perfect even though it was storming outside. Overall I think Lisa is talented and actually knows what shes doing!

Masako Tanaka
Stylist 1
Up Town
Grace Rotondi
Stylist 2

Grace works Wednesday , Friday ,Saturday,(every other )Sunday @DOWNTOWN Location

Grace is the medium&long hair specialist. 

Grace join in Tomoko Shiam Hair Salon since 2007 after trainning several tequnick in New York hair industry.

She specialize of long hair cutting and styling .Also knowlidge of both Japanese /Brazilian straightening.

Also she works for bridal with Tomoko. She specialize for  iron curl setting and blow out to make feminie and elegant style.

Clients feedback from Yelp.com:

1/7/2012 Monica V

My stylist was Grace and she did a great job! She listened to what I wanted but also was willing to give me her expert advice. I like that she did most of her cutting while my hair was dry...no surprises. Her demeanor was professional, friendly and attentive.

4/28/2012 Anne H.

 She layered around my face in a way that makes my eyes look bigger & brighter, and my cheekbones stand out more. I am impressed. Also, I would recommend her simply for a blowout. As part of the cut I received a blowout and it is far and away the best blowout I've had since I left California.

from Google:

Emily ‎ - 2 weeks ago

Grace is lovely and is advertised as a "long hair specialist". She is very service oriented and wants to learn as much as possible about you so that she can give you something that works for your lifestyle. After the cut, she also gives you practical tips on how to style it yourself at home. 

Masako works Tue,Thu,Sat,Sun @ UPTOWN location.


Masako Tanaka has been working as a hair stylist at Tokyo Japan Since 2001 after pursuing Cosmetology License, build up 10years of experience and moved to NY since 2011 as Shima’s stylist .

She has been very popular among people of all ages include people of both gender, 3yrs old to 80’s .

She specialize of all type of Asian hair, Woman’s and Men's Cutting , Bob style, Coloring, perm, Head Spa .

Masako's Head spa video




















Clients feedback from Yelp.com:

6/16/2012 Lora S

Masako took me right away,we consulted about my color and 45 minutes later it was time to get washed and conditioned. Now here where it gets amazing not only do you get an amazing wash out the whole process of the wash and conditioning treatment is a total massage experience that leaves you in a euphoric and relaxing state. The head massage alone is worth the trip!!! Not to mention my hair color was perfect and the cut was exactly what my hair needed to look healthy.

Clients feedback from Yelp.com:


Dawance C.​

Masako Tanaka, you are the best! After I got home, I ate blueberries while starring at my awesome new hair in the mirror for half an hour. Yes, I am pleased with my haircut.

I'm an Asian male with medium hair length and waviness. I showed Masako photos of the hairstyle I wanted, and she did just that. I asked her to teach me how to style my hair, and she did just that. I asked her to tell me of the different hair products and which ones would suit me best and WHY, she did just that. The service here is fantastic. She took great care of my hair and scalp, is a great conversationalist, and a very skilled artist. I will come back because of her.


Chotika(Tika) Konoplich 
Stylist 1

Chotika (Tika) works on Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat.


Chotika's passion for beauty and health was instilled in her from childhood. Chotika (Tika) loved to help her family members and friends look beautiful and healthy, by braiding and cutting her classmates’ hair, making up girlfriends' faces for school dancing shows, painting mom's nails and even doing mini facials for her siblings.After 4 years at university and a series of office jobs, Tika decided to pursue her calling by completing cosmetology and esthetics studies at the Carsten Aveda Institute in NYC. She began her career as an assistant in a small salon in Chelsea market while in school. It was not long after that she became a hair stylist, working at premium salons, and at “Edris Salon” as a celebrity hair colorist assistant. After honing her skills and developing her artistic style for almost 10 years, she joined Tomoko Shima Hair Salon in February 2013, where she applies all of her skills and experience to create the most comfortable salon experience you will ever have.


Tika loves to combine her extensive hair and skin skills. Her clients enjoy her signature relaxing scalp massage as a prelude to Tika’s healthy, loose, soft, manageable and edgy hair styling. Her combination of French-Japanese haircut technique ranges from precise bobs to sexy long layers for women, for any texture of hair, and any age. Men can enjoy a clean businessman look, or a messy, arty-kinda-guy haircut. Natural looking hair colors that complement clients’ skin tones, eye color and also overall maintenance is her approach to producing coloring that shines.Tika also specialize in up-dos and make up, keratin treatment, perm, hair color for men and head spa.


Chotika Men's cut and color video















Clients feedback from Yelp.com:

3/26/2013 Lily S.

​Best haircut I've had in years!  Tika gave me a great A-line bob that wowed my friends and co-workers.  I had an appointment for 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon, which was not a busy time.  The salon was neat, clean and relatively quiet which I appreciated. Like another Yelper said, it was a pleasant experience from beginning to end.  I would highly recommend Tika who was very thorough and detail oriented.



Tiffany Cabrera
Colorist /Assistant
Tiffany works Uptown location.
Specialize for Blow out  .Work as owner's assistant over one year at TS salon and wonderful skill of shampoo and head massage, color ,Cashmere smoothing


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